Corofil High Expansion Sealant

Corofil High Expansion Sealant

PFC Corofil High Expansion (HE) Intumescent Sealant is recommended for use around service penetrations in coated panels, masonry walls and concrete floors to produce a firestop. In the event of fire, the sealant exerts a positive pressure to make a joint or smoke seal. Tested in accordance with BS EN:1366-3, PFC Corofil HE Intumescent Sealant provides up to 2 hours fire protection.


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PFC Corofil HE Intumescent Sealant is an easy to apply waterborne acrylic emulsion sealant containing graphite which expands at temperatures above 135ºC sealing around various penetrations and services to prevent the passage of fire and smoke.

All surfaces must be clean and sound, free from dirt, grease and other contamination. Wood, plaster and brick may be damp but not running wet. Use mechanical abrasion to clean porous surfaces before application. For extra performance in movement situations, a primer must be prepared by diluting 1 part sealant with 2 parts of water and mixing thoroughly. The primer is brush applied and allowed to dry for 2 to 3 hours before applying sealant. Alternatively, a standard PVA sealer may be used on the surface.

Prepare joint by cleaning and priming if necessary, as previously detailed. Cut nozzle to the desired angle and gun firmly into the joint to give a good solid fill. Strike off the sealant flush with the joint sides within five minutes of application before surface skinning occurs. A small amount of shrinkage will occur on curing. If a flush finish is required, fill the joint slightly proud of the surface to allow for shrinkage.

Suitable applications include:

  • Plastic and non combustible pipes
  • Cables (single cables or bunches)
  • Other permanent services
  • Suitable for masonry / plasterboard walls and concrete floors
  • 3rd Party Certificated


PFC Corofil HE Intumescent Sealant (310ml cartridge) will yield 0.155 linear metre per cartridge at 25mm wide and 80mm depth. Approximate coverage rates are shown in the table below.


  • The sealant is not intended for application on bituminous substrates or substrates that can exude certain oils and plasticizers or solvents.
  • The sealant is not recommended for submerged joints or areas exposed to high abrasion.
  • The sealant is not suitable for food contact or medical applications.




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