Fire Rated Foam - Gun Grade

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Fire Rated Foam – Gun Grade

FF170/FF197 is a modified, single component, B1 fire rated polyurethane foam.

  • FF170 – Hand Held Nozzle Grade Foam (red colour)
  • FF197 – Gun Grade Foam (red colour)

FF170/FF197 is used to seal linear gaps.

  • Certified to the latest British and European standards EN 1366-4, DIN 4102 Pt 1 (B1) and EN 13501: Pt 2
  • Features the patented ergonomic cap system for ease-of-use, improved yield and accurate dosage during application
  • Acts as an effective fire seal for up to 4 hours (BS EN 1366-4) when used with FS701 intumescent acrylic or FS703 silicone sealant



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LIMITATIONS – As with all PU foams, FF170/FF197 will not adhere to Teflon, polyethylene or silicone coated surfaces. The cured foam is adversely affected by UV light and should be covered with a suitable sealant such as FS703 silicone or FS701 intumescent acrylic.


Necessary Tools

Cutting knife, tape for masking of adjacent areas. Unstable areas may need to be clamped or secured during curing.


  • Always carry out a test to confirm compatibility prior to use.
  • Protect floor coverings with paper or a plastic film.
  • The surfaces must be dry, solid, stable and capable of carrying the load of the panels to be installed.
  • Remove all loose particles, dust and grease.
  • A speedier cure can be attained by moistening the substrates if needed.


  • Shake the canister vigorously at least 20 times. Leaving the cap on the can, screw the nozzle firmly into the connector on the top of the trigger.
  • Remove safety catch and pull the trigger to activate can. Fill approximately half of the required depth of the cavity because the foam will expand.
  • On horizontal surfaces always work away from the exuding bead and work upwards on all vertical surfaces.
  • The foam is firmly set in approximately 1 hour (depending on temperature and humidity) when any excess can be trimmed with a sharp blade.


Remove excess foam immediately with illbruck PU foam cleaner or acetone. Ensure surface is solvent resistant before cleaning. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically.


Store between +5°C and +25°C in dry conditions.

Shelf Life

9 months when stored in its original unopened containers.

Health & Safety Precautions

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

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