10mm x 4mm x 2.1m Norseal Brown Intumescent Strip 7mm Extended Brush Fire & Smoke

10mm x 4mm x 2.1m Norseal Brown Intumescent Strip 10mm Extended Brush Fire & Smoke

Norseal Extended Brush range is  supplied in 2.1m lengths as standard, they are quick and easy to fit with no special tools required. This model comes with a 10mm extended brush. 

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FireSealsDirect works with a number of industry-leading suppliers, and has a long-standing relationship with Norseal. They have a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer, and for many of their products, hold third party approval under internationally recognised schemes to the highest standards including IFC and Certifire. 

Intumescent strips, or fire door strips, are fitted to the door, and, when exposed to extreme heat, expand to close any gaps or edges that may leave the fire door vulnerable to fire and smoke spread. The Norseal Extended Brush range of Intumescent Strip is designed for doors that can not adhere to the 3-4mm gap as advised by The British Standards.  Often, we see these types of extended brush strips being used in listed buildings. 


PLEASE NOTE: This product does not hold Certifier Status or Data Sheets. 


Field of application

  • Rebates in door frames or timber door leafs
  • Use on both single and double action leaf doors.
  • Use on both latched and unlatched doors.
  • Recommended  for usage where it’s not possible to adhere to a 3-4mm gap as per British Standards


Product features

  • 30 minute systems available.
  • Provides fire and smoke protection.
  • Supplied with a self-adhesive backer for ease of application.
  • Identification on each product ensures full traceability.
  • Available in a range of colours.


Installation instructions

  1. Select the appropriate strip and size for your project 
  2. Rout a groove of suitable size for your chosen intumescent strip. The strip needs to be located in either the centre of the door leaf or frame
  3. Clean the rebate to remove any dust and ensure a smooth surface. Remove the self-adhesive backing liner from the product and push fit into the routed groove
  4. When installing the seal, the adhesion strip must be applied to clean, dry surfaces for optimal results






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