Lorient LVC40 Circular ATG 300mm

Lorient LVC40 Circular ATG – 123/125mm

Lorient Air Transfer Grilles designed for use in circular ducting and pipework.


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In the event of fire, provide a conduit for fire, hot smoke and cold smoke. An intumescent fire damper, fitted into the duct at the point where it penetrates a fire resistant construction, will prevent the passage of fire and hot smoke. Lorient intumescent fire dampers fitted in conjunction with a Lorient automatic smoke control system will also provide protection against cold smoke. They have been shown by specific testing to be equivalent to a conventional damper, not only in fire and smoke barrier properties but also by exhibiting insulation values.

  • Low maintenance
  • Up to 60 mins fire resistance
  • Simple to install
  • Range of sizes
  • Excellent airflow performance
  • Use in ducting and pipework