Intumescent Pillow (Large) 300x200x35mm

Intumescent Pillow (Large) 300x200x35mm

PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows can be used as a temporary and permanent firestopping system where steel trunking and cable trays penetrate a masonry, concrete or block fire resisting wall. They can also be used in larger apertures in fire resisting rigid walls. The intumescent pillows are located centrally within the wall construction and held in place by their own weight and induced friction.


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Intumescent Pillows provide up to 4 hours fire protection to cables and metal services passing through compartment fire walls and floors.The pillows are packed tightly around and in between services penetrating the fire wall or floor – in a floor the pillows can be supported by wire mesh.  In the event of a fire, the Intumescent Pillows expand and form a seal around the services and cables.

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to remove and replace when adding services
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Suitable for metal pipework, cables and electrical trunking
Intumescent Pillows provide 4 hours fire integrity and 2 hours insulation rating as tested in accordance with BS 476:Part 20 & BS EN:1366-3.

Approximate pillow usage guide:

  • Sausage – 660 per metre square opening
  • Small – 330  per metre square opening
  • Medium – 220  per metre square opening
  • Large – 165  per metre square opening

Installation in Walls (Method 1)

  1. Push the first Intumescent Pillow into the hole to be filled, so that the longest dimension (300mm long) spans across the wall.
  2. For electrical trunking, remove the lid and install a pillow inside so it aligns with the depth of the wall. Replace the lid on the electrical trunking.
  3. Pack the hole tightly with more Intumescent Pillows until it is full

Installation in Walls (Method 2)

  1. Make a basket using galvanized steel mesh (50 x 50 squares x 2.5mm wire diameter) to sit into the hole in the floor slab. There should be a minimum 50mm overlap onto the surrounding floor slab or wall (see diagram on technical data sheet). Mechanically fix to top of floor slab or wall.
  2. Lay Intumescent Pillows standing on end into the wire basket. Pack the pillows tightly into the basket around the penetrating services.
  3. For electrical trunking, remove the lid and install a pillow inside so that it aligns with the depth of the floor. Replace the lid on the electrical trunking.
  4. Lay a sheet of the galvanized steel mesh over the basket and tie together using steel wire.






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