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Fire Escapes & Signage: What Are Your Obligations?

There are laws in place which mean employers, and any owners or occupiers of buildings, should ensure that a fire safety risk assessment is carried out on their property. This assessment will also need to be kept up to date.

There is the option to either carry out a fire risk assessment as a separate exercise, or as something included in an overall risk assessment. Once the assessment has been completed, it is down to employers to put in place acceptable fire safety measures - if these are not already in place. All fire safety measures should be expected to reduce the risk of injury or death if a fire breaks out.

Things to look at regarding fire prevention in the workplace include where and how a fire might start, substances that are more likely to burn than others and who are the people most at risk once a fire takes hold. When the relevant issues have been assessed, it should then be a case of reducing the risk as much as possible.

As well as fire risk assessment, examples of improving fire safety in the workplace are:

  • Not having items that can ignite, or are flammable, close together.
  • Prevent accidental fires by making sure that heaters can't be knocked over.
  • Don't let rubbish build up.
  • Install fire alarms and smoke alarms to warn people when a fire has started, or is in danger of doing so.
  • All fire exits and escape routes should be kept clear and clearly marked.
  • Have suitable equipment available for putting out fires, such as fire extinguishers.
  • Fire drills should be utilised, and workers should be trained and aware of the procedures when a fire breaks out.

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