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Fire Risks

  • The Dangers of Cutting Corners with your Fire Doors

    OK - you've heard us say it before.  You've heard many people say it before.  And we're going to keep saying it - Fire Doors play a vital part in life safety and fire containment within a building.

    There are many examples of how effective Fire Doors are should a fire occur, including the recent fire at Gower College in Swansea.  South Wales Fire & Rescue Service credit the effective Fire Doors for minimising the spread of the fire.  Deputy chief fire officer Mick Crennell said, "I would urge everyone to keep their fire doors closed, they really are there for a reason and they really do work."

    But many times the little details are overlooked.  Corners are cut, and expensive Fire Doors are rendered useless due to incorrect installation or non-fire-rated ancillaries fitted.  The weak spots on a Fire Door are the edges, and any hole or aperture cut into the door, for example vision panels, locks and latches, letterplates and ventilation grilles.  If these aren't properly fire rated, tested and certified there can be lethal consequences in a fire.

    BWF Certifire put together this amazing and enlightening video (if a little scary) to show just how dangerous a compromised Fire Door can be.  Sit back, enjoy, and remember - NEVER CUT CORNERS WHEN WORKING WITH FIRE DOORS!


    BWF Fire Doors



    We have a wide range of ancillaries for Fire Doors available on our website - all properly fire tested and certified by 3rd party accreditation bodies.  Our range includes:

    Order your Fire Door seals

  • Evacuation Plans – Have You Considered Everyone?

    No matter what type of business you run, or where you are based, you need to ensure that you have a full evacuation plan in place should a fire or other issues arise which require everyone to leave the building. Continue reading

  • FAQs on Clear and Accessible Escape Routes

    A few months ago we released an infographic created to highlight the responsibilities of business owners in regards to fire safety and protecting their workforce. We thought we would take the chance to answer some of the FAQs we receive about these responsibilities – and first in the series is tackling clear and accessible escape routes. Continue reading

  • Here's what can happen when you take Business Fire Safety lightly...

    A Welsh recycling firm has been handed the largest fine ever recorded in Wales for breaching fire safety laws.

    MDS Recycling faced nine separate charges, receiving the maximum fine for each, totalling £45,000 plus an additional £3,207 in costs. Continue reading

  • Workplace Fires... Don't Take the Risk!


    Workplace fires are a common occurrence but can often be easily prevented. Here at Fire Seals Direct, we have put together an infographic to show recently collected statistics on the result of fires in the workplace for both employers and employees, and a checklist of how to make sure your workplace is fire safe. Continue reading

  • A Silent Killer – How At Risk UK Properties Are From Fire

    It’s a sound we all dread, but one that’s still worryingly common in the UK – being woken at night by the shrill screech of a fire alarm, or even the eerie near-silent crackle of fire. It’s not a situation any home owner or property landlord wants to be faced with as the effects can be catastrophic, with a large financial cost – as well as a potential human cost too.
    Continue reading

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